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"Ali and Nino"

Ali and Nino is the epic novel of enduring romance in a time of war.

It has been hailed as one of the most romantic epic novels of all time. Ali and Nino, two lovers from vastly different backgrounds, grow up together in carefree innocence in Baku on the Caspian Sea. Here, where Eastern and Occidental collide, they are inevitably drawn into the events of the First World War and the Russian Revolution. Torn apart by the turmoil, Ali joins the defense of Azerbajan from the onslaught of the Red Army, and Nino flees to the safety of Paris with their child, not knowing whether they will ever see each other again. A sweeping tale it portrays, against a gloriously exotic backdrop, the enduring love between childhood friends divided by their separate cultures

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"Between Two Fires" (known as "In Blood" during the Soviet Years)
Historcal novel.
The book describes events that took place during the Karabakh khanate Ibrahimkhalil Khan.

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"Maiden Spring"

Historical novel.
Was dedicated to the ancient Azerbaijan history.

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"Studentlar (Students)"

About the life of the azerbaijani students in Kiev(Ukrane) in the beginnings of the XX centure during first world war and russian revolution in 1917.

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"Cold kiss"

This story was written by Yousif Vezir in russian in 1907, when was studying at school. Story is the first original version of novel "Ali and Nino"

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If We Want our Independence...

Some articles of the Y.V.Chamanzaminli before the russian revolution in 1917.

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The History, Geography and Economy of Azerbaijan
This book was published in Turkey in 1921. Ideological and political modernity and scientific importance of the work so far has not lost its relevance.

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Lithuanian Tatars.
Research work Lithuanian Tatars dedicated to the history and culture of Lipka Tatars

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Y.V.Chamanzaminli youth diary - Azerbaijan State Manuscripts Institute (in russian)

Юношеская любовь (из дневника Юсифа Везира Чеменземинли) (усл)

Влияние женщин на меня (из дневника Ю.В. Чеменземинли) (усл.)

Оскорбленное самолюбие (из дневника Юсифа Везира Чеменземинли) (усл)

Кемал (рассказ)

Из письма М.Г. Везирову (усл)

Прощание с Ашгабадом (усл)

Источник для изучения личности М.Г. Везирова (из дневника Ю.В. Чеменземинли)(усл)

В Питере (из дневника Ю.В. Чеменземинли)(усл)



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