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Y.V.Çhamanzaminli 20 year old, Baku real school student.

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli and his family, Shusha, Azerbaijan. 1905.


Yusif Vezir, Kiyev 1911.

Yusif Vəzir, Kiyev 1910.

Baku 11.05.1906, Baku Real School classmates.

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli with students in Kiev 1914.

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli with students in Kiev 1914.

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli in Kiev 1911.

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli in Istanbul (1921).


Y.V.Çhamanzaminli Baku, 1936

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli Baku, 1927

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli with his students (Baku, 1927)

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli in his workroom in Baku 1927. After return from Europe to Soviet Azerbaijan. ı il

Yusif Vezirov with his whife Bilqeyis Acalova, 1927.

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli with his students.

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli, Baku 1936

Georgian woman Alesandra and her husbent Azerbaijanian bisnessman Alipasha Aliyev with their doughter Tamara. They live in Baku accross one street from the house where live Yusif Vazir.

First from the right Y.V.Çhamanzaminli's junior brother Miri Vazirov, Paris 1920.

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli, Baku 1936

Yusif Vazir's whife Bilqeyis, thier sons Orxan and Fikret, and homeworker.

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli, Kislovodski


Yusif Vazir's foto in prison in N.Novgorod

Baku Real School building

Y.V.Çhamanzaminli Baku, 1936


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